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2022 Rallye Perce Neige - Bring All Your Tires!

This weekend sees the first two events on the 2022 OPRC Calendar during the 2022 edition of the Rally Perce Neige. Usually held much earlier in the year, competitors would be used to contending with large snow banks, icy roads and frigid temperatures throughout the forests around Maniwaki, Quebec. This year however brings a very different challenge.

With the event being moved further into the year, those reliably cold temperatures around Maniwaki have given way to milder weather and quickly changing road conditions. The organizing team for the event have posted pictures on their official Facebook page showing just how different these roads could be throughout the weekend.

With the events beginning early in the morning and taking place throughout the day, temperatures could play a big part in how consistent the road conditions are. Those with prior knowledge of the area having an advantage as the route moves deeper into the woods, with trees shading the road and no doubt creating intense moments that will require skill and quick wits to remain fast and competitive - but also stay on the road!

Some sections of the route also appear to be mostly gravel at this point, which will increase the average speeds and create a challenge in tire choice for the teams as they contend with differing conditions within a loop of stages.

While it may be a cliche statement, "to finish first, first you must finish" rings very true for these two opening events of the 2022 OPRC season. It will be a true test of endurance and measured commitment from the teams taking part, making it to the end will be a feat in itself!

The start order has been posted for the event which shows both National level competitors and those entered in the two OPRC events. There are some new comers to the OPRC as well as season regulars at the season opener and with 19 entries for event #1 and 17 teams entered in event #2, we're sure to have a great start to the season.

Stay tuned to the event Facebook page for official updates throughout the weekend as the teams fight what will no doubt be an event of stamina requiring a measured approach.

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