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Follow the action at Tall Pines

As the season comes to a close this weekend, be sure to check out all the ways you can keep up to date on what's happening out there in the woods around Bancroft. There's 4 main ways you can stay up to date on the action with links and descriptions below!

1. Tall Pines Rally Social Feeds

While the OPRC is split into two events this weekend, it all happens under the umbrella of the overall Rally of the Tall Pines National event. You can follow all their updates with their social links below

2. CRC Social Feeds

As the Rally of the Tall Pines is a National Event, you can also follow the Canadian Rally Championship social feeds covering updates on the national competition, but which also shares some of the regional competitors, road conditions, weather updates, etc.

3. RallySafe

Canadian rallying at the national level has utilized RallySafe units for the last few years to allow event organizers to track location and status of all of the cars and support vehicles during events. As an added bonus of this system, fans can also follow the action including seeing a live map with car location and individual stage times.

Check out the RallySafe event viewer page here

Download the RallySafe app to follow all the action here (Apple/Android)

4. RallyScoring

For detailed stage results throughout the event, for all categories, checkout Rally Scoring for more info than you could need! Always a great resource for keeping track of rallies in Canada.

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