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Updated: Dec 20, 2021

It's Rally Time!

November 20th will be the 50th running of the Rally of the Tall Pines, Bancroft, ON, sponsored by Lincoln Electric. The modified OPRC calendar for 2021 means the the Rally of the Tall Pines will include not 1 but 2 separate OPRC regional rallies; The Small Pines Rally and The Pine Cone Rally.

Both events count individually towards the OPRC and it looks like we have 20 entries to both regional events so far.

The 2 events will challenge regional competitors this year even more than the event usually would. It's a new format and it will require competitors to compete in the night stages as well as run the same event mileage as the National competitors if they have entered both events.

It's a tough rally so we wish everyone the best of luck.

BIG THANKS to our generous OPRC sponsors this season Enercare, Clarington Hyundai and Ontario Motor Sales, whose support is allowing us to award end of season prize money to the Top 3 Overall (speed factor equal to or less than 75) in the Championship & Top 3 2WD (speed factor equal to or less than 75) at the end of the year. Also up for grabs is the 2021 OPRC Novice driver prize.

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