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Updated: Dec 20, 2021

As with lots of public events throughout the last couple of years, maintaining safety and minimizing impact to those around us has been a focus for all organizing bodies. Rally of the Tall Pines will continue it's record of putting on a top class event, by utilizing the tracking and tracing of vehicles throughout the rally with EZTrak from

Unfortunately for the thousands of spectators that normally make the trip up to Bancroft each year, this years edition of the Rally of the Tall Pines must remain spectator free. This helps the rally's commitment to supporting the local communities that allow use of the fantastic roads surrounding Bancroft each year. And what fantastic roads they are!

EZTrak's EZ (see what we did there?) to use system allows the organizers to know where each car is throughout the event, sometimes spanning hundreds of kilometers. You too can follow the progress of the competitors, get up to date timing and 'watch' the rally as it unfolds!

With all the potential for championship movement throughout the weekend, EZTrak will help you to not miss a thing!!

You can follow the web based version of the tracking software here on

Or download the app at the links below!

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