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Up Next: 2023 Black Bear Rally

We are 2 weeks away from the next event in the Ontario Performance Rally Championship. Round 3 of the OPRC (and Round 4 of the ECRC) takes us to Catchacoma, Ontario for MLRC's Black Bear Rally on August 12th.

Event info, supplementary regulations and the current entry list can be found on the event website

15 entries so far with a good split of 2WD and 4WD teams.

This compact standalone regional event utilizes 2 roads: Quarry Rd and Loom Lake Rd. Total length of the route is approximately 100km, with about 77km of that on the stages! The fast, smooth Quarry Road is in contrast to the narrower, more technical Loom Lake Road, ensuring competitors adjust their driving style throughout the day. With some additional road work being completed this week on Loom Lake, the stages should be ready to go in 2 weeks time. The mid-August timeline brings its own set of challenges with the heat, so remember to stay hydrated folks!

Thanks to our generous sponsors this season, not only are there year end monetary prizes but there is also a prize fund of $4500 to be distributed at this event. Be sure to check the website for eligibility requirements. Representatives from some of the sponsors are also hoping to be present for the event, so be sure to say hello if you get the chance.

As a reminder, driver's must be a member of an RSO affiliated Club in 2023 prior to August 1st to be eligible - be sure to get those memberships in. Links to the clubs can be found on the OPRC and RallySport Ontario websites (

Early entry deadline is looming with Tuesday Aug 1 being the last day to take advantage of the lower fee, after which regular entries will remain open until Aug 6. So make sure you sign up if you haven't yet done so.

Thanks to all the competitors, volunteers and organizing team for supporting the event.

Have fun, stay safe and good luck out there.

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