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Prize fund details below 
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2024 OPRC Prize Fund Eligibility Requirements:

  • Drivers must have a CARS or ARA speed factor of 75.0 or lower as of January 1, 2024 to be eligible for prizes.

  • If a driver has both a CARS and ARA speed factor, the higher factor will be used to determine eligibility.

  • Speed factors that change throughout the season will have no effect on eligibility. RSO will use speed factors as at a fixed date (Jan 1, 2024).

  • Novice drivers are also eligible for Overall and 2WD prizes.

  • In the case of a tie-breaker, the OPRC Ruleset Section 5.7 will apply. If after the ruleset has been applied there is still a tie for a position, the money being awarded for those positions will be combined and split 50/50.

    • Eg. There is a tie-breaker for first place, 1st prize $3,000 and 2nd prize $2,000 combined to $5,000. The drivers tied for first would then split the $5,000 50/50 with them both receiving $2,500.

  • New for 2024:

    • Competitors must compete in at least one of either Shannonville Stages or Black Bear Rally in 2024, in order to be eligible for the year end prize fund.

    • Drivers do not need to be a member of a RallySport Ontario Affiliated Club

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